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At Royal Automation Systems, we pride ourselves in simplifying your engineering and industrial processes through automation enabling you to create value for your customers, grow your profits and expand your business. Because the world needs more resource-efficient businesses now more than before!


Industrial Automation

Your opportunity to apply purposed technology where your plant’s productivity leans more on repetitive operations, allowing the humans to serve …

Office Automation

We make those office processes run sharper, smarter and safer simplifying your teams’ day-to-day work for increased efficiency.

Equipment sourcing

It’s not enough to know what process can be automated, in your office or the plant. The right equipment simplifies …

Automation is our forte!

And your business deserves a taste of it.


What We Do?

There is so much you can do with automation in your business. Here is what we can do for you.
Engineering project

Engineering Designs

While engaging in an engineering project, we ensure that we understand the exact expectations of our end users. This helps …

Monitoring & Security

We have experience and are licensed to supply, install and commission CCTV, access control and monitoring systems. These systems ensure …

Pipeline Automation

Automating a pipeline process aims to increase efficiency and reliability during the transportation of petroleum products while at the same …

Office Automation

Technology-oriented services run on software, hardware and communication devices to combine various processes and functions in your office. Ours is …

Control systems

Control Systems

To keep things in your plant in check, we supply and install station control systems. Such include Programmable Logic Controllers …

Truck Loading Arm

Whether you are handling hazardous liquids or liquefied gases, we tame the risk of preventing spillages and overfilling among other …

standby generators

Backup Power

There is no good reason why production or any other type of operation should stop unless you have planned for …

Civil Engineering

We are certified by the National Construction Authority (NCA), Kenya’s construction regulatory body, to carry out Electrical Engineering, Mechanical engineering, …

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Automation means = Optimized operations. Increased efficiency. Improved safety.
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